Mia Bella Trattoria in Sugar Land

Located just outside First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, Tx, Mia Bella Trattoria specializes in great Italian food.  I have been multiple times since they have opened and have always had a wonderful experience. The food is presented beautifully and the waitstaff is very attentive.

Every time I have gone there it has been for lunch so I will speak specifically to this. While they do have an extensive lunch menu that has some very interesting dishes (like the Caoesante con Porri which are sautéed sea scallops with a roasted jalapeño pesto cream sauce and topped with fried leeks) the thing to go for is their lunch special.  This is a three course meal for $11.99.  This meal starts off with a choice of soup or salad.  Thankfully my wife has tried the salad and lintel soup because I have not been able to get past the Tomato-Basil Bisque with mozzarella and sour cream.

On the entree course you get to choose from five or six different options.  I highly recommend the Chicken Marsla or the Polpette (meatball with whole wheat spaghetti). 

The last course is the dessert course.  This changes from day to day so you are never sure what you will get.  Some of the options I have had were bread pudding, creme brulee, chocolate oblivion (the closest description I can give is a chocolate tres leches but not overly sweet).

Soon I will have to go back and try a proper dinner course and their Saturday or Sunday brunch, but if it is anything like their lunch I am sure I will enjoy it.  Mia Bella Trattoria also has three other locations in Houston on Main street, Downtown Pavillions, and Vintage Park.

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